Automatic Production Equipment, Inc. is the only OEM distributor that rebuilds machines, conducts field service, and provides technical assistance. Experience the difference with A.P.E., Inc.

Machine Rebuilding Services and On-Site Machine Repair

A.P.E., Inc. is the industry leader when it comes to repairing and rebuilding your equipment. Our Senior Technicians, each with over 40 years of experience in rebuilding screw machine equipment, provide full-service and field repair work on Brown & Sharpe, Lipe Automatic Equipment and Davenport machines, among others.


  • Chrome & Grind Service
  • Scrape & Fit Slides
  • On Site Service
  • Rebuilding Programs
  • Rewound Clutch Coils
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Purchase Used Machines
  • Motor Service
  • Technical Support
A.P.E., Inc. Screw Machine
A.P.E., Inc. Screw Machine Parts
A.P.E., Inc. Screw Machine


A.P.E., Inc. offers technical training in our Elk Grove Village, IL facility. Call us to learn more about our training programs.

Brown & Sharpe Ultramatic Screw Machine
Maintenance Course Outline

1. Transmission

Adj. Chains – Inspect for Needed Repairs

2. Spindle Drive

Adj. Chains – Inspect for Needed Repairs

3. Spindle

Inspect Disassembled Unit – Bearings – Clutch & Chuck Mechanism – Adjust

4. Right Hand Bracket

Inspect Clutches – Test End Play – Check Timing

5. Left Hand Bracket

Inspect Clutches – Torque Limiter – Feed Lever Fulcrum

6. Cam Shaft


7. Turret

Inspect Locking Pin & Bushings – W/D Mechanism Time Turret – Adjust Gib

8. Motor

Friction Brake & Electrical Maintenance


Adjust Limit Switch

10. Lubrication & Coolant

Reservoir & Filter

11. General Adjustments

Chains – Gibs – Clutch Tension – Spindle Lift (early ultramatic)

A.P.E., Inc. Screw Machine Training

Class Requirements

  • 1 – Day Session (8 Hours)
  • 4 – People Maximum per Session
  • Lunch is Provided
  • We are Located Near O’Hare International
  • Workmans Compensation Insurance Policy Covering Participants
  • All Payments Must be Received Before Class