Davenport Machine
Servo Drive


Experience the Difference

Remanufactured Davenport by Automatic Production Equipment, Inc. (A.P.E. Inc.) with the Servo Retro Kit installation package. Installed at our facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. Maximize machine efficiency, ramp-up productivity (20-30% on average). Upgrade your Davenports and make the Smart Choice. Call APE Inc. at 800-722-6366. The future begins now.

Remanufactured Davenport Servo-B (shown less doors). The Servo B operates with a PLC based control and multiple servo drive systems that eliminate over 150 parts. Located on floor next to machine are the independent electric coolant pump along with electric lubricator and filter mounted conveniently on a single frame.
Stock depletion package eliminates bar ends mixing in with finished parts. Important feature which allows conformity to customer requirements. Runs all bars out of stock avoiding short parts. Activates stack light to indicate out of stock condition, and stops machine.
The operator has the ability to control and operate the machine from the front or the rear of the machine through the use of Pendent Arm. The PLC based control and multiple servo drive systems eliminate feed gears, and the need to change spindle gears.
Servo threading package, direct threading spindle drive off servo motor provides accurate threading speeds resulting in extended chaser and tap life. Also note the absence of mechanical brake. Braking through the PLC based control is almost instant.
Multiple servo drive systems eliminate over 150 parts from the original mechanical Model B machine. There are no mechanical clutches to maintain.


Call A.P.E., Inc. and...

Experience the Difference

815 Touhy Avenue - Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-4917
Phone: 800-722-6366     Fax: 888-722-6367
E-Mail: office@apeinc.com



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